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We Ragazzi : "Suicide Sound System" Cd

America's sick souls put the creep on in a way that was not too far removed from "handsome." "Suicide Sound System" was their first full-length, followed by records for The Self-Starter Foundation and Suicide Squeeze. Guitar, drums and farfisa are the weapons of choice. Eyeliner? Optional.

"Like a jagged shard of glass coated in honey and sprinkled with rainbow-hued glitter, this Chicago trio makes music that's simultaneously dangerous, showy and tasty. The band's just-released debut outing 'Suicide Sound System' finds it wielding an unorthodox organ-drum-guitar attack in the service of songs that blend dissonant No Wave splutter and hooky garage rock attitude. Florid frontman Anthony Rolando howls out lyrics like Sky Saxon on speed while his bandmates chop through serrated riffs that invariably resolve into ear-catching choruses, creating an odd but effective sound that stands as a welcome dose of unhinged intensity in an often sedate local scene." Metromix

01 Being Alive is like Vandalizing
02 Kiss Prescription
03 New Crush to Live For
04 Why Does the World Have to Modernize?
05 Hey Chicago
06 Skinny Fingers
07 Infected Individual
08 Numbers on My Hand
09 Don't Get Like That
10 The Active
11 Buzz in My Mouth
12 Make Me


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