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Victory and Associates : "These Things Are Facts" Lp/Cd

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“Any band claiming Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick, Devo as influences are probably going to be good - and not copyists, given those bands’ idiosyncratic streaks. And Oakland’s V&A do indeed have something going on...Funny, they don’t sound late ’70s at all; they’re more like a flying, harsh, heavy-riffing ‘90s alt-rock indie band, blowing chucks of righteous noise free of grunge and metal but plenty heavy just the same. It’s a big molten ruckus offset by guitarist/frontman Conan Neutron’s cleaner, precisely sung, classic rock melodies than this sort of din usually confers. They’re gnarly, but like with Grant Hart singing. Punkish music that isn’t easily pigeonholed sometimes struggles for a hearing (since it can’t even rely on conventionalist modern punks). Then again, with a band this roaring, if they get one…” - Jack Rabid, the Big Takeover

"Punk had become such a series of codified moves many times over by 2011 that the question was less what it was than what it could be otherwise. Victory and Associates' debut album takes a simple tack to it all -- what if the potentially anthemic energy were married to new wave-derived nerviness and nervousness, and giddily so? As such, These Things Are Facts rewrites no rule books -- the love for Buzzcocks, Black Flag, Wire, and Devo among many others is clear -- but there's a kind of fresh feeling that almost recalls early Vancouver punk as much as anything else, with a healthy dose of reflection sneaking in amidst the spirited rabble-rousing. Then again, given the band's San Francisco location, it could be a Pacific Coast thing, and songs like "You Can't Eat Prestige" come from a long line of artistic work about ambivalence regarding what it means to be functioning within a world designed to get you to compromise." - All Music

180 gram colored vinyl, with a gatefold sleeve designed by Mackie Osborne and including an eight page booklet of liner notes.

01 Get Tough, Get Through It
02 You Can't Eat Prestige
03 Brothers Doing It For Themselves 
04 Doubtbreak 
05 You Can't Stop The Signal
06 Funundrum
07 Not Returning
08 Noises, Voices, You 
09 Mistake Museum
10 Turn Down The Guitars ('11)
11 Home Is Where You Hang Your Hope


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