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Various Artists : "An Idiot To Not Appreciate Your Time" Double Cd

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Disc One

01 “Ritz Dance” — Navigations
02 “Clean’d me Out” — The Kadane Brothers
03 “Beyond Repair” — Grand Hotel
04 “Contempt” — T.T. Diamond
05 “Garden City Blues” — The Bills
06 “Something Hyper” — Treasure State
07 “The Cigarette Lighters” — The Bismarck
08 “That’s Entertainment” — Straphanger
09 “Couldn’t You Wait?” — Mirror America
10 “Grotto of Miracles” — Suzanne the Plan
11 “Insomnia” — Tre Orsi
12 “Drunk” — toomanyhelicopters
13 “Miracle Mile” — The Nectarines
14 “Give Me Some Skin” — The Soft Drugs

Disc Two

01 “Bourbon Beard” — Heather Whinna & Steve Albini
02 “Raised by Tigers” — .22
03 “Treat the New Guy Right” — Chin & Lester & Franks
04 “Quicksand” — LUFF
05 “Is She A Sign?” — mtar
06 “Slave Wages” — The Kyle Sowashes
07 “Oh, How We Laughed” — The Family Ghost
08 “Raging Bull” — Tiny Monk
09 “Young” — the Turnarounders
10 “Ticket Tulane” — Temper
11 “Shitty Little Yacht” — Maurice Rickard
12 “Pearly Gates” — J. Britt Robisheaux
13 “A Cockfight of Feelings” — Joe Sepi
14 “Around the Outline” — Volume
15 “Don’t Make Plans Friday” — Trestle Music

29 bands spanning two compact discs covering the songs of the great American rock band Silkworm.

Released by the great Isaac Turner, who wrote in 2007:

"If you’re even a passing fan of rock music, you probably remember the horrible, unbelievable tragedy that struck in July of 2005, when Michael Dahlquist (Silkworm’s drummer), Douglas Meis, and John Glick were killed in an auto accident. The word “accident” is very debatable here — but semantics are not what matter. What matters is that three people are gone and anyone connected to or familiar with any of them are left with a big hole.

So, now, almost two years later, we’re ready to release this gift — the only gift I could think to give my friends Tim, Andy, Vickie, Joel, and anyone connected to the SKWM ghetto. A gift that is, in equal measure, dedicated to the music of SKWM and the life of Michael Dahlquist, and extraordinary drummer and human."

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