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V/A : "Without Warning: Early Montana Punk, Postpunk, New Wave, & Hardcore 1979-1991" 2xLp

"Without Warning: Early Montana Punk, Postpunk, New Wave, & Hardcore 1979-1991" is an overview, compiling over the course of 24 tracks more than a decade’s worth of previously unknown music that was inspired by several distinct musical developments—New Wave reaching the American masses; Punk morphing into Hardcore; Postpunk emerging from the formal break with both Rock and Punk; and the post-1985 shift toward a more commercially-viable notion of Indie Rock, following the steadily increasing mainstream success.

Featuring early recordings from Steve Albini (Just Ducky), Jeff Ament (Deranged Diction), Reggie Watts (Autumn Asylum), Silkworm, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and others.

This 2xLP includes an album booklet featuring a foreword by Kirk LeClaire, an essay by Tom Kipp, as well as rare photos and band info. Album download card and a companion documentary included. Album artwork by Dale Flattum (Tooth).

This is also the first time on vinyl for both Silkworm's "Pearl Harbor" and "Without Warning" by Ein Heit!

Gold vinyl variant limited to 100x copies, of which we have four for sale. 

Side A
Just Ducky - New Metro Stomp
Just Ducky - Dog Food
The Pugs - True Love
The Pugs - Last Time
Surfer Ruth - Anzio Surf
Boy Toast - Talkative Zone

Side B
The Details - Middle Class Punks
Who Killed Society - Suburban Hope
Who Killed Society - Nothing New
Deranged Diction - Aspirin
Deranged Diction - Periscope
Ernst Ernst - Persecution Plan
Panache - Fugitive Colours

Side C
Steel Pole Bathtub - This Town
Circle 7 - Say One Thing
Ein Heit - Without Warning
Rust & Smuts - Photogray
Dashing Catholics - Penitentiary
Sheryl & The Spineless Yes-Men - Pitter Patter

Side D
Silkworm - Pearl Harbor
Donovan's Brain - Lowlands
Autumn Asylum - Bed Of Roses
Beat Nothings - Bit Of A Drag
Deranged Diction - Periscope
The Banned - South Canada


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