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These Estates : "The Dignity of Man" Lp

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Side A
When the Lovee Breaks
Stone Cold Summer
Highway 11 Theme
Stripes of Faith
Brushed Steel

Side B
Like Skin
Happy While United
Virtue + Valour
Pay Me Some Attention

The debut LP from Regina, Saskatchewan's premier bourbon-rock band. Limited to 200 copies.

"These no frills rock that borders on power-pop in a nice, aggressive way. The Dignity of Man bridges the gap between their two previous releases, moving from catchy, high-energy numbers to longer, more complex exercises in the intricacies of riff construction." - SoundSalvationArmy

"[A]n excellent summary of the growing pains that tag along with early adulthood in the Canadian prairies. Easily compared to Silkworm, but that’s a pretty huge bonus if you ask me." - Slates


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