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The Quick Fix Kills : "Saint Something" Cd

Slicing and sinister, New Jersey's The Quick Fix Kills arrived at My Pal God just in time for the release of their debut full-length, "Saint Something." Guitars spike and mutate around one another as singer Mark Moody unleashes a verbal assault that rises above. For those of you still smoldering after hearing the band's debut Ep on the Ernest Jenning label, consider your black-shirted prayers answered.

"Immediately thoughts of Circus Lupus and Hoover bubble up, but that's all they do because The Quick Fix Kills is able to take that influence and turn it around to their own thing." - Muddle.

01 Lipstick Rendezvous
02 Pink Dreams & Cigarette Burns
03 3/4 Romance
04 Bliss
05 Suicide Is So 90s
06 The Widely Rumored Gin Bottle Smash
07 Plans For A Biophysical
08 Pick Your Poison
09 My Scabs Look Like Art
10 The Curse Of The Cuyahoga


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