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The God Eaters : "Fading Horizons" 10"

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4 Songs from Marquette, Michigan’s The God Eaters on smoke-colored, 10″ vinyl. Recorded in 2017 at Electrical Audio by Eliya Gwetta and Neal Markowski. Mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves. Cover art by Nick Erickson. 45rpm. Includes a digital download card.

“Fun rock and roll with a punk grunge vibe, the whole disc is incredibly tight and a blast to put on.” - Northern Sludge

The God Eaters churn out a sound that finds its balance somewhere between the controlled chaos of abrasive noise, heavy riffs, and pummeling rhythms and that of slower, harmonic and dreamy soundscapes. The band consists of drummer Nick Erickson, guitarist/vocalist Dylan Trost and bassist Devyn Trost.

When they’re available, saxophonists Patrick Booth and Mike Bjella accompany the band and with their addition comes an even more experimental sound.

Side A
Carcharodon Carcharias

Side B
Let It Soak
The First Ones

Released by Invertebrata Records

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