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The Gary : "Fallow" Ep

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The Gary announce the release of Fallow, their first recording since 2014.

Life was different for The Gary back then, and for you too.

The Gary have always played the soundtrack to your life, whether Dave Norwood was singing your past, present, or future; whether in metaphorical or literal sense; whether his middle-aged Texan baritone was the voice you thought would put your story to song. This new recording by The Gary captures the most vivid and lifelike rendering of his voice, with a live, the- bands-right-next-to-you sound. Fallow is the first The Gary recording to feature Anthony Castanedas fluid, relaxed drumming, replacing Paul Warners taut, mathy approach. Guitarist Trey Pool picks around the songs, tearing off shards of atonality to splatter against the space left wide open by Dave Norwoods bass, played chordally like a literal bass guitar. The songs capture the mood of wide open spaces and driving endlessly through the basin-and-range country of the rural West while Norwood sings of finding comfort in the dull base of normality.

Fallow draws The Gary even at six releases: three EPs and three LPs.

Limited to 300 copies.

For Fans Of: Shellac, The Ex, Mission of Burma, Silkworm, NoMeansNo

Side A
Ordinary People
Fallow Fields

Side B
Radical Prostate
The Season Consumed Me
Unconfirmed, Undenied


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