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The Family Ghost : "No Dreams" Cd

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Memphis, Tennessee’s The Family Ghost have broken new ground with their fourth release, "No Dreams." On this album, TFG creates tension, discordance, and even a little release across the course of twelve songs loosely based around loss and change.

Over six of these songs, Jacques Granger lays bare an emotionally difficult area of his life (presumably the dissolution of a long-term relationship), and in doing so pulls the listener into a unrelentingly claustrophobic space. The songs driven by Robert Traxler, Paul Blanda, and Ryan Sisung's respective vocals, while not of a thematic piece, tonally cohere to anchor this expansive, cinematic, and gripping album. The variety is breathtaking at times.

Musical touchstones include The Comsat Angels, New Order, Disco Inferno, the WARP records catalogue of the late ‘90s, and wanting to get super creeped out over the course of 70 minutes or so.

Highlights include “Terminal Points,” “Lost Year,” and “Cameras.”

Let this one unfold, let it work its magic, and you too will GET IT.

Limited to 100 copies. Includes a stylish ten-panel art insert.

1. Fall Behind
2. Cameras
3. Terminal Points
4. Histrionics
5. Dismayed
6. Safety Corridor
7. Lost Year
8. Death Blow
9. Visitant
10. The Provincial
11. Battle Chant
12. Doctorate

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