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The Embarrassment : "Blister Pop" Cd

The Embarrassment were one of the great midwestern rock bands of the early 1980s. My Pal God was honored to bring you this compact disc of live recordings, covers and alternate versions of songs played by The Embarrassment.

"Blister Pop" is a twenty song companion piece to Bar None's fantastic "Heyday" double Cd that came out in 1995. This disc, compiled by Mr. Jim Rosencutter from over three dozen taped live shows, fills the gaps left in "Heyday" that Embarrassment completists might have wanted to see included.

Covers on this disc include Roy Orbison's "Oh Pretty Woman," "Time Has Come," Buddy Holly's "Maybe Baby," "Pushin' Too Hard" by The Seeds, "On Broadway," The Beatles' "No Reply" and two Stooges songs, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "Funtime."

Other highlights include a live version of "Elizabeth Montgomery's Face" and two Embarrassment songs that later became Big Dipper songs: "You're Not You Anymore" [released by Big Dipper as "You're Not Patsy"] and "Faith Healer."

Nearly all of these songs were recorded on boomboxes and in the crowd at live shows so the sound quality is somewhat "raw" but if you look at "Blister Pop" as an "authorized bootleg" it makes sense.

01 Intro
02 Podman
03 Proof
04 Time Has Come Today
05 Oh Pretty Woman
06 You're Not You Anymore
07 Only Want A Date
08 Elizabeth Montgomery's Face
09 Faith Healer
10 Maybe Baby
11 It's Like It's What You Like
12 The Man Makes The Clothes
13 Song For Val
14 Pushin' Too Hard
15 On Broadway
16 I Wanna Be Your Dog
17 Nothing To Eat
18 No Reply
19 Play
20 Funtime


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