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The Book-Burners : "People's Songs" Lp

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Side A
Watch What They Say About You
Who Are You, My Darling?
"Come home."

Side B
Keep Them Off Me
A Kind And Gentle Man
Who Are You To Say?

The Book-Burners hail from various corners of the American Midwest, and “People’s Songs” is their debut LP.

The Book-Burners formed in the summer of 2011 when Jason A. and Brad W. started writing songs and discussing the formation of a “death-folk” duo. However, as the songs took shape, it became clear that what they had on their hands was the makings of a loud, catchy rock band that would express joy and pain with simplicity and painful honesty. With that decision, and after a quick call to arms in their Chicago music community, The Book-Burners became a five-piece rock band.

“People’s Songs” is the first offering from the five-piece with Jason A. (guitar), Eliza R. (guitar), Jon T. (bass), Ike T. (drums), and Brad W. (vocals) assuming their places.

The new full-length album “People’s Songs” is a record driven by intense feelings of loss, betrayal, and flat-out anger. Songs such as “Watch What They Say About You,” “Who Are You, My Darling?,”  and “‘Come Home.’” reveal a deep, lasting sense of pain at the loss of love, friendship, and trust. However, the record is not a bummer! It brims with the musical muscle and confidence found in men who have stared down the worst that the world has to offer, yet never blinked.

The books are written, and the books are burned. Never to be read again.

And simply put, the record rocks. The two-minute scorched earth run of “Fireman” leaves the listener breathless, and the album-closing slam of “Sidesteppers” drives hard in sending a good and proper “Fuck you!” to Wisconsin Republicans.

You’ll hear all sorts of influences swirling around “People’s Songs”. There’s everything from the off-hand bedroom rock of Guided by Voices to the lilting melodies of high-era R.E.M. to the ragged, rough and tumble pounding of countless Touch & Go, Matador, and Sub Pop bands of the roaring 90′s.

One point of interest is The Book-Burners’ unique band set-up. While the full band records albums and plays shows, Jason A. and Brad W. release EPs and singles with astounding frequency. In the past year, they’ve put out eight EPs and three singles (including a Christmas EP and a cover songs tribute to The Frogs).

But it’s with “People’s Songs” that The Book-Burners put their initial firm stake in the musical ground. “People’s Songs” is the sound of a band making its voice heard loud and clear for the first time, and does so with the dreaming of the scorned.

Gatefold LP, pressed on 150 gram vinyl.


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