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The Bismarck : "What Price Victory?" Cd

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01 Cock of the Fleet 
02 Whiskey and Blankets 
03 Who Fucking Wants Some? 
04 Shape of a Bear
05 A Meaning Accrued Through Duration 
06 Ladies' Choice 
07 Hellgate High Fight Song
08 Don't Ever Change 
09 Stick It In and Break It Off 
10 Trying to Keep My Dick Hard in a White Man's World

The debut album by Seattle-by-way-of-North Dakota's The Bismarck sets the tone for the decade-plus "career" these boys have enjoyed. Meticulously captured by Dan Mohr, What Price, Victory? begins with the call to arms "Cock of the Fleet" before flirting with The Bismarck's first volley into Minutemen style political rock with "Whiskey and Blankets." Preceding the album were three extended plays designed as calling cards for their proper full length debut. The album, heard ten years after it's release, is a sonic document of their pummeling approach, and a reminder of just how out of step they were both then and now.

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