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The Bismarck : "Blood of Patriots" Cd

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The Bismarck's songs are loud, punishing and laced with a dark sense of humor. If your music collection is home to bands like Shellac, A Minor Forest, Unwound and Engine Kid, The Bismarck's records will find a comfortable place on your shelves.

Blood of Patriots is the second full-length release by The Bismarck. They were also featured on the  Silkworm tribute record "An Idiot Not to Appreciate Your Time."

Chris Jury - guitar
Eric Fundingsland - guitar
Nate Marshall - bass
Dan Mohr - drums

"Vocals" are a team effort. 

01 This Train Runs on Two Rails
02 Curt Flood
03 Death is for Heroes
04 Tonight We'll Make History
05 To Hell for the Company
06 You Will Not Survive
07 All Missouri, No Compromise
08 Logsplitter
09 Thank You for Not Dancing
10 Sandbar Knifefighter Blues



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