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Terminal Orchestra : "The Seasons" Cd

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01 Introduction
02 Summer Song
03 Interlude
04 Fall Song
05 Interlude
06 Winter Song
07 Interlude
08 Spring Song

Conceived in the often forgotten part of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, with its lush forests, slower-paced lifestyle and noncompetitive atmosphere, composer Jesse DeCaire and The Terminal Orchestra began writing in 2005. What started as a studio outlet for making pastoral movie soundtrack music (for movies that haven’t been made yet) has since ballooned into a live, performing ensemble. 

Complete with strings and percussion, Jesse DeCaire and The Terminal Orchestra have as much in common with contemporary composers/performers such as Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Dirty Three and William Basinski as they do with Ennio Morricone and Igor Stravinksky. The Seasons is as chilling and eerie as it is uplifting and triumphant.



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