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Taking Pictures : "Friends Are Ghosts" Cd

Taking Pictures, a rock trio from Chicago, is an outstanding example of what musicians can do with eight years of sonic exploration under their belts as band-mates.

Taking Pictures are 75% of what was the legendary Pittsburgh rock outfit Hurl. In their five year existence Hurl released a stack of vinyl and Cds on labels like My Pal God, Peas Kor, DeSoto, and Tiny Superhero (U.K.) while still involving themselves in artistic projects of all kinds, musical and otherwise.

Matt Jencik (bass/vocals),Mat Daly (guitar/vocals), and Noah Leger (drums, vocals) continue to explore and create rock as an artistic and musical extension of their physical beings. 

Hailed in Chicago for the power and precision of their live shows, Taking Pictures recorded their debut release, "Friends are Ghosts," with the incredible Jason Ward manning the mixing board.

"[A] fine record that demonstrates the band’s ability to find a promising niche within an already-established genre." - Dusted

"7.7" - Pitchfork

01 Hibernation for a Hyper-Nation
02 Faces, Smearing
03 Words Sound Like Drums
04 We Are Only
05 You Serve, You're So
06 Slowly Burning Ashes
07 Eighteen Questions
08 That Fight We Should Have Had We Never Had


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