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Steady States : "EEEPEETOO" Cd

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01 Muzzle and Fitness
02 Happiness
03 Mound City
04 Whitecaps
05 Fuck Your Face

"These guys plays heavy, mathy noise rock with just enough twang to get me really fired up. Love it." - 8-Tracks Fierce

"[E]qual parts angular post-punk and heavier progressive material ala 80s/90s era Dischord bands." - Mills Record Company

"From the opening chords of “Muzzle & Fitness,” the leadoff track, I hear the space between Scratch Acid and Jesus Lizard-era David Yow. Abrasive, chaotic, insane rapid-fire rock that, I suspect, was made for the sole purpose of pissing off those that are not already unacquainted with the asylum that is Steady States." - The Deli

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