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Smallgang : "Tresspasses" Cd

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01 Out of Nothing
02 Wrong Side
03 Cockpit
04 Leaves
05 Trespasses
06 Made in China
07 Lost in the Post
08 Arrows
09 Kindness
10 Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
11 1532

Smallgang are brothers Simon and Toshi Kobayashi and their friend Matt Atkins.

Smallgang also provide the axis for a network of bands in which Simon, Toshi and Matt also play, including Slowgun, Crumbling Ghost, Splintered Man, Passerines and Russell and the Wolf Choir.

"Tresspasses" was their debut.

"Once in a blue moon you’ll find a band playing the small London circuit and you’ll immediately see a creature that stands out from rest; too tight, too clever, too cool for this dead-end scene. smallgang are one such beast. Geisering uber-poppy, intelligent post-punk, that meshes the best bits of Joy Division, Smog and Dinosaur Jr." - God Is In The TV


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