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Sewingneedle : "User Error" Lp

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For their second LP, Chicago / St. Louis bummer-rockers sewingneedle team up once more with engineer/producer Greg Norman (Russian Circles, GY!BE) at Chicago’s Electrical Audio. Doubling down on the dissonant musical territory they explored on their 2015 debut LP, "Vote of No Confidence," the songs on "User Error" are peppered with feedback squalls and bristled melodic counterpoints, with lyrical kiss-offs to and paranoia about the music industry, being outpaced by peers, casual substance abuse, and the shortening attention spans for music and literature.

"Midwestern trio sewingneedle are one of the handful of great bands bringing us back to [a] math rock golden era, with its dissonant jangly guitar work and post-hardcore crossbreeding." - Fecking Bahamas

“A jagged, jangly and thoroughly compelling album. Fills the Jawbox-shaped hole in my heart.” - Jon Solomon, WPRB

"Everything I want to hear in a rock band: dark riffs, harsh tone, interesting arrangements without feeling like I'm solving a math problem. Reminds me of Unwound and when Pedro the Lion ditched god and hated everything." - Travis Kuhlman, Buildings

Side A
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User Error
Feel Good Music

Side B
Forget It



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