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Seminars : "Dreamcrusher" 10"

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Side A
Ashcan Copy
Bottle Episode
Pardon Our Progress
Workin' For Ricky

Side B
Comm House
Kitty Please
Diet Coke And Aspirin

Dreamcrusher is the vinyl debut from Seattle, Washington's SEMINARS. You may ask, "is it a full-length or an EP?" It's a record, dude. Deliberately crafted to be the same length as the average SEMINARS live show and also to frustrate Discogs and Wikipedia editors everywhere. After spending the better part of two years quietly building a reputation as a tight and formidable live band, SEMINARS decided to make a record. Guess what? It's a good fuckin' record.

The band recruited good friend Jackson Long (known for being an avid Mariners fan as well as engineering excellent punk records for Big Crux, Iron Lung, and Shook Ones, among others) and laid down these eight drivings songs to, uh...hard drive? Do you like downstroked zhung-zhung-zhung single-coil guitars? Loud fuzz bass? Big drums and aggressive yet subtly melodic vocals? Well, okay then.

"Is it post-punk? Garage? Noise-rock?" DREAMCRUSHER has elements of all three but doesn't fit neatly into any of those categories. It's punk rock, and trying to granularize it further into microgenres is a fool's errand. It's loud, mostly uptempo rock music played by two men and one woman from Seattle. Don't overthink it. Fans of Hot Snakes, Roomrunner, METZ, or Pissed Jeans might dig this one.

Limited edition of 300.

Coke-bottle-clear vinyl.

Play at whatever volume seems appropriate. 

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