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San Andreas Fault : "Encantada" Cd

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01 Encantada
02 Fault Herald
03 Maestro's Gone
04 Splinterlude
05 Go Sleepy
06 Bags Unlimited
06 Sympatico
08 Fault Herald (vocal)

Chicago's SAN ANDREAS FAULT is the wordless sound of heartbreak. No less than PELL MELL's Bob Beerman cited their instrumental concoction's "great understatement, lyricism and sense of space." ROB WARMOWSKI (SIRS), PETE MUSCHONG (MARRIED MEN), THYMME JONES (DEAD RIDER, CHEER-ACCIDENT) and JOHN CWIOK (SWEET DECEIVERS) explore the uncharted space overlapping surf twang and kraut rock. 


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