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S PRCSS : "Taste Like Daughter" Cd

Bob Doto (vocals, guitar) and Daneil Mazone (vocals, drums) have been making music together as S PRCSS since 1996 and you still don't care. Sometimes, they manage to ignore your indifference. Most of the time, they sympathize with it. Lately, Bob talks of starting a new band, but he knows if he ended S PRCSS, Daneil would break. After all, this band is all she's got.

People change a lot over eight years and Bob and Daneil have struggled greatly in order to deal with one another's changes (area codes and time zones included). Like most folks, when their relationship is good, it's real good. When it's bad, it's bad. Real bad.

As a result, "Taste Like Daughter," their first release since 2003's award-winning "MNML" on French Kiss Records, documents their lives as best/worst friends and band mates. At times it is filled with all of the optimism and love they have for one another and for S PRCSS. At other times, it is filled with utter apathy and disregard.

Songs are stripped bare because lofty production, pounds of guitar tracks and attention to detail just don't make sense when last week you weren't sure if you were ever going to speak to one another again. Hell, at times they couldn't even bother with basic drums tracks. And the bass, well Bob had to play bass in the studio this time around because the band can't seem to hold on to a bassist. It's become yet another source of contention.

"Taste Like Daughter" will get your attention and admiration. It's your chance to eavesdrop on a relationship at its finest, complete with the ups, downs and in-betweens you know too well.

When the six tracks are through, you'll realize why it works. 

01 Look: Explosion! New Spring
02 Your Motivation Is Less Like This
03 The Sun Provides Vitamin D
04 I'm A Motorcycle Drummer In A Moped Band
05 I Call I Gorilla (Mountain Lifter)
06 Give The Beaches To The People


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