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Police Teeth : "Jazz Records For Sale" Cd

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01 Motherfuckers Move Slow
02 New Wave Song For The Huddled Masses
03 Grant Cross Punch Out
04 Red And Black
05 Is That Because You're Adopted?
06 Taking A Shit On Company Time
07 By The Collar
08 Tetsuo II: Body Hammer
09 Here Come The Drums

"The debut album from this Bellingham band featuring ex-members of USS Horsewhip and Racetrack neatly splits the difference between those two bands, combining Horsewhip’s sonic aggression and Racetrack’s melodic power pop into energetic, hook-filled indie rock reminiscent of the Wipers, Superchunk and Archers of Loaf." - KEXP

"Police Teeth's Jazz Records for Sale is among the best 27 minutes a Seattle-ish band have touched lately (half the members reside in Bellingham). Biting, intelligent, indecipherable lyrics sent me scrambling for the liner notes as the stereo thrummed with delicious, squalling feedback." - The Stranger

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