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Police Teeth : "Awesomer Than The Devil" Lp

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Side A
Send More Cops
Summertime Bruise
Rock & Roll Is A Pyramid Scheme (Parts 1 & 2)
Hatchet Wound City
Public Defender

Side B
Dude Handler's Permit
True Stuff
Digital Snakes
Christian Rudolph, A Man Of Science
Watching The Hydroplanes

What exactly is the mark of real rock n’ roll? The music? The attitude? The tempo? The trousers? No. It’s the ability of a band to induce listeners to completely lose themselves in the music, to turn it UP as far as it will go and fuck the neighbors, fuck your parents, fuck everything, while at the same time enjoying a good laugh at everyone’s expense. This is something that Seattle-based Police Teeth have honed to a fine art since their formation in 2006, and which is at the heart of Awesomer Than The Devil, their debut album for Latest Flame Records.

Police Teeth’s previous albums, 2007’s Jazz Records For Sale and 2009’s Real Size Monster Series (both issued on the Blood City label) were modern classics in their own right, containing, as they did, insanely great songs like “Motherfuckers Move Slow” and “Northern California”, but with Awesomer Than The Devil James Burns (v, gtr), Rich Boyer (d), Adam Grunke (gtr), and Chris Rasmussen (v, bs) have taken years of playing, touring, and experiences – good and bad – and distilled them into a record which is already being hailed as among 2011’s best.

From the barely controlled, overdriven chaos of the opening "Send More Cops," to the brooding, measured "Public Defender," to the damn-near-pop of “Dude Handler’s Permit” (as well as a nine-minue plus cover of Factory Records obscurity "Watching The Hydroplanes," originally recorded by Blackpool band Tunnel Vision) Police Teeth manage to cover mass amounts of ground without sacrificing their distinctive voice. Noisy? Mm-hmm. Guitars? Oh yeah. But that’s just the beginning. This is an album that not only sounds like no one else, but is also layered enough to reveal new elements with each listen. This is music for people who actually LIKE music, not those for whom music is a social tool.


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