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Paul Newman : "Re-Issue! Re-Package! Re-Package! Re-Evaluate The Songs" Cd

A collection of Paul Newman's rarer material, the band's fourth such endeavor since 1998. Material was first found on the Paul Newman/Sonna split 45, the "Zum Audio Volume 2" Cd, the Twistworthy #7 Cd, the "There is a Light" compilation, "The My Pal God Holiday Record" and the "Twistworthy #3" 45. Track eight is previously unreleased.

01 Way To Breathe, No-Breath
02 All Black, All Anal
03 Beeline To Mamou
04 Popcorn
05 Grady No. 101
06 I Know My Luck Too Well
07 December '91 Or So
08 Were Those Ever Cowboy Boots...
09 Clear Baby
10 ...Please Wait During The Silence


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