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Paul Newman : "Machine Is Not Broken" Lp/Cd

Paul Newman made their My Pal God debut with this record. Their third full-length after two successes for the now defunct Trance Syndicate. 92% vocals-free.

"Perhaps Paul Newman's most definitive release was 2000's Machine is Not Broken. As soon as the band leaps onto the opening guitar theme like a seasoned surfer hopping his first wave since deciding to conform to the life of cubicles and stationery, the listener is immediately met with the blessed relief of knowing they are going to get through an entire work of music without a single cliche or gimmick. Check out "Eight Day Weight" and you will know what I mean. Unlike most recent additions to the realm of the now useless term Math Rock, Newman and crew never failed to communicate an urgent sense of purpose that takes no calculator to understand." - Mingus Analingus

Side A
Eight Day Wait
The Cup Is Fierce
Perhaps You Would Be More Comfortable
Order Of Operations

Side B
Under The Golden Horses
Hampton Kicks
Some Common Items You Never Notice
The Pound Or The Fist


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