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OUT / Stomatopod split 7"

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It probably began with Roseanne

John Huston and Ike Turner (who hadn't known each other that long) shared a room together at a music festival they were both playing, and instead of doing knife-hits or going ice fishing, they hung out and watched a lot of Roseanne.

It was a bonding thing, like the bond Jackie has with Roseanne in some ways.

Over the past three years, their respective groups (Chicago trio Stomatopod and OUT of Kalamazoo, Michigan) have grown close, playing shows together whenever they can, and even sharing common bandmates (John and Chafe from OUT play in the outstanding Mars Hill), so this split release just feels right.

It's "Ziggy"-level appealing, really.

The songs here are somewhat darker affairs for each band, possibly a product of the turbulent last year, possibly some weird Jungian connection, or maybe just coincidence. Whatever the case, these four songs - split across two sides - hang together nicely.

Think of this release as the first Becky, back when she had some fire in her guts.

300 copies. 150 for each band. Whoever sells out first lives.

A joint release between Pirate Alley and Comedy Minus One.

OUT’s tracks are their first new songs since their debut album “Swim Buddies” (cmo040) and are being released physically and digitally by CMO.

All Points West
Prepper's Call

Precision Surgeon

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