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Oaks : "Animal Life" Lp

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Side A
All the Thunder
We Hide
No Dust

Side B
Animal Life
List for the Desert
Soft One

Animal Life is the first full-length album by Minneapolis duo Oaks. Layering loud, noisy fuzzed out guitar and bass along with hard hitting, dance-y drum machine beats, the long time couple tell a dark story, mysterious in its details but raging in its imagery and raw themes of the natural world, loss, dreams, love and sex. Animal Life often comes out of the darkness and sits in bright spots to revel in the complexities of the meanings in life and the search for peace. 

Erica Krumm (guitar and vocals) and Jim Kolles (bass and vocals), are no strangers to the dark realms of music. The two of them have a combined 20 years of playing in loud punk and metal bands like Children of Euler, Ass and Sharp Teeth. Jim also continues to run his own DIY record label, Ass records. This record follows their 2013 EP, Field Beat, into a deeper, and wilder trek.

200 copies on black vinyl with download code.

"Oaks are a local fuzzy duo who take a streamlined approach to their shoe gaze-y post-punk, using guitar, bass and a drum machine, yet on their debut LP Animal Life they create a product that sounds bigger and more powerful than the relatively minimal parts." - Reviler


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