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Nonagon : "The Last Hydronaut" Lp

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Nonagon's latest contains six songs pressed onto black, 12" vinyl. It is intended to be played loudly at 45 rpm, but you can play it however you want. It's your record and we're not the boss of you.

"Total post punk / noise rock / math rock, thick fuzzed out bass, big Albini drums, crunchy guitars, yelped / howled emo vocals, all woven into dense driving heaviness and intricate arrangements, the kind of [stuff] we always lament, like old rock men, that they 'just don't make anymore', but these guys DO, and man, do the do it well, and while for lots of people they might seem like a band out of time, we never get tired of that math/noise/post rock sound, think Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu and Naked Raygun, catchy, heavy, noisy...Pretty much everything we like." - Aquarius Records

Side A
Razing All Boats
The Pfister
King Corky

Side B
Affinity Fraud



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