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New Cowboy Builders : "Black Moses" 45

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Black Moses

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What Is Expected

“NCB do a nice line in repetition and murky guitar clang and have churned out an impressively consist- ent run of sardonic, tightly-wound post-punk since around 2007–The Joy Collective

“...their commitment to musical integrity and subse- quent shunning of trends which have riddled guitar music over the last 5 years, has put them out in the cold, repellent to the indie pop foppery which cur- rently holds dominion over the Cardiff music scene.” Intermission Bristol

“New Cowboy Builders isn’t my favourite band name in the world...” Spun Tongue

"Black Moses" is the new 7" from Welsh punk noisy thing New Cowboy Builders. For almost seven years they have persistently refused to adhere to any “rock” principles, playing with a stiff drum machine while self-re- leasing a handful of long forgotten CDRs without any care for promotion, distribution or audience reception (the fact they used to be called ‘She Ripped’ until last year probably proves that). Their last two releases ("Ultra-So-Cial Happy Man" & "Garage Night") received acclaim from a number of notable blogs and publications both in the UK and abroad as well as a lot of airplay on Adam Walton’s Saturday evening show on BBC Radio Wales. This may be because they actually bothered to send the record around and write a press release but who could be so sure? They are now based in Bristol and have got rid of their drum machines and bassist and replaced them with actual living and breathing drummer John and Corey respectively.

None of this really explains the downright surprising catchiness of their new seven inch however. Instead of trying to replicate the feedback-drenched clang of their live shows, the band instead chose to emphasise the strength of the songs themselves. While still playing live in the studio and cutting the tracks extremely quickly, they realised it’s far too easy to produce a seven inch of hiss. And besides, how many pop songs in 2014 are going to be about a saint being reborn as a Blaxploitation-style private detective with a thing for reality TV stars trying to solve the murder of a heroin addict whose body has been dumped on the train tracks of an obscure Welsh train station? Just because they’ve cut back on the feedback doesn’t mean they’re through being difficult. 


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