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Magpies : "Tornado" Cd

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01 Parties Unknown Until Now
02 Windrows in Frozen Fields
03 Alkali Flats
04 Firefly
05 Laura Keene
06 Barn Burner
07 The Quiet Roar
08 Suspension Bridge Over Disbelief
09 Jealous Amounts
10 Buttercup Revisited

Magpies hail from Havre, Montana, which is about 30 miles from Saskatchewan and home to the Big Bud 747, the world's largest farm tractor. 

Founded by Samantha Pollington and Tolan Harber, the band released "Diable Highway Sessions" in 2007, followed by 2009's "Pica Pica."

In 2012, after relocating to Missoula, Magpies released "Pretty Big Time," which one regional newspaper called shimmery, badass, sweet and sinister. It's music for music geeks."

Magpies have played from Seattle to Los Angeles, Billings to Chicago. With recent additions of Hank Donovan (guitar) and Jamie Rogers (drums), they recently released this fourth album "Tornado."

"'Tornado' is a spot-on name for an indie-rock album soaked in loud, distorted guitar, but it was the subject of some debate.

The lean, 44-minute album balances the band’s interests: heavily distorted guitar work that hearkens to Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, contrasted with anthemic, catchy melodies in Harber and Pollington’s vocal lines." - The Missoulan

"Tornado, the new LP from Missoula’s Magpies, is at its most exhilarating in chaotic bursts of noise, but it’s the setups that hold it together. The album’s opener, “Parties Unknown Until Now,” compresses roaring guitar and Jamie Rogers’ urgent drumming into a tight structure, creating a laid-back intensity reminiscent of late-1990s Yo La Tengo.

As Tornado progresses, though, it evokes sounds farther west. The dual chorus and emotional intensity of “Barn Burner” capture the defiant energy of Sleater-Kinney, as does Samantha Pollington’s vocal phrasing. Something ineffable ties together these influences, though—a thread running through the album that cannot be ignored even as it eludes attribution. It is Magpies’ own sound, subtle and persistent, undergirding the crafted noise rock of one of Missoula’s best bands." - Missoula Independent

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