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Magpies : "Pretty Big Thing" Cd

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01 Pretty Big Time
02 Eighty Sixed
03 Addictoholic
04 Gasoline Semen
05 Impact Crash
06 Highway to Helena
07 Dead Sexy
08 Glitter Bomb Lovespill
09 Burning Cellophane
10 Transeducer
11 Holy Toledo! (Live)

"The newest album from one of the best bands in Missoula right now is diverse and addictive. Strutting riffs and built-up choruses make it perfect for swilling beer or wildly jumping around. Other songs, such as "Burning Cellophane," fit with daydreaming alone on stormy nights, in a fog of loss. The songs are shimmery, badass, sweet and sinister. It's music for music geeks. It carries with it the flavor of CBGB greats without feeling derivative.

That said, I can't resist a few comparisons to other bands I love. The title track evokes Silkworm's 'Libertine,' that bright, fuzzy wall of minor-key chordage that defined the best of 1990s underground. "Gasoline Semen" has the rowdy fierceness of The Gits. One big difference: The Gits's Mia Zapata sang with a volatile grit. Equally good, Magpies' bassist/vocalist Samantha Pollington's vocals are sweet and weird, Kathleen Hanna-style. Other times, Pollington purrs like a cat who's about to whip out her claws." - Missoula Independent

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