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Lord High Fixers: "The Beginning Of The End ... The End Of The Beginning" 2xLp

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Side A
Godzilla Vs. King Baby
You Got It
A Word From Angela Davis
Smile...The World Is Watching
One Way Ticket

Side B
Theme From The Battle Of Jessie Sawyers
People Get Ready
Stop & Think It Over
Mystery Train
A Word From Guy Picciotto
I'm Gonna Say It Now

Side C
Shoot Your Shot
Don't Count Me Out
I Had A Dream
A Word From Woody Guthrie
The New Spiritual

Side D
Save My Soul
Born Loser
Back Against The Wall

This is the final recording from the Lord High Fixers. Tim Kerr and Mike Carroll stoked the fire begun in Poison 13 into a five alarm blaze when they joined with Robbie Becklund, Stefanie Paige Friedman and Andy Wright to start the Lord High Fixers. After a burst of 7″, 10″, compilation tracks and the “Is Your Club A Secret Weapon?” LP, In The Red Records posthumously released “In The Beginning…” on CD.

Omentum Records was started with the goal of pressing “The Beginning Of The End…The End Of The Beginning” as a 2xLP. All tracks from the original CD are on sides A, B & C, and the bonus tracks on side D are covers that have not previously appeared on vinyl.

Plenty of folks attempt to describe the ambitious sounds found in these grooves as punk rock, garage rock, funk, free jazz, blues, spoken word, etc…let’s just say every attempted aspiration was completely achieved. To quote the liner notes by Mr. Bryon Coley: “…you better get yr ass down and memorize this album. Because there is going to be a quiz on the way out. And we’re gonna run it. Sooner or later.”


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