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Lefty's Deceiver : "Cheats" Cd

"Cheats,” the third full-length by Philadelphia’s Lefty’s Deceiver, is a nine-song record aimed at satisfying the band's incumbent following while reaffirming that the much larger institution of "power trio" is alive and well.

The record marked a definitive progression in LD's songwriting. With their latest addition, bass player Kristine Muller, Mike Kennedy finds an ample foundation upon which to build his beats which are equal parts ass-shaking and punishing. In so many ways the band realigned, minimizing the guitar work and focusing on grooves so deep you'd best strap on your hip waders.

Combining these rhythms with the strength of Andy Williams's vocal performances, "Cheats" is equal parts quietly introspective and carelessly ebullient. LD has sculpted the songs' frameworks forcing arrangements emphasizing structure and maximizing visceral energy.

"Combining aspects of the DC post-hardcore sound-screaming, trebly guitars and heavy yet intricate drumming-with respectable pop sensibilities and singer/guitarist Andy Williams' soothing vocal melodies, the Philadelphia-based as hook-filled as material by Death Cab for Cutie and as consistently complex as the recent work of Q And Not U.” - Basement Life

01 Years and Years Ago
02 Cincinnati on Replay
03 East Coast Traffic
04 Intro to Iselin
05 Ex-Patriots
06 Cheats
07 The Riot Acts
08 Iselin
09 Let's Not Pretend


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