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Lazarus Clamp : "The Bird Is Not The Metaphor" 2xLp + Cd

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Side A
Dirty Names
Let's Get Fired

Side B
100 Watt Bulb
We Are In Water
Tethered Not Caged

Side C
This Is How I Cut My Own Throat
Simple And Easy
Bow Down
Things Are Sticky

Lazarus Clamp will have their Limited edition, three-sided, double-vinyl sixth LP available on Record Shop Day (April 18th, 2015), released by Damnably.

Limited to 250 copies. Full color Cd packaging comes inside full color 2xLP packaging.

Recorded live to 2" Tape (in an oast house): CHECK
Mastered at Bob Weston's Chicago Mastering Service (by Matthew Barnhart): CHECK
Mad tunings, Baritone guitars and a Travis Bean (70's metal-necked bass): CHECK
Traynor, Selmer & Kelly ancient Valve Amp Heads: CHECK
One quiet member able to forge own FX Pedals: CHECK
Overly complex songs about serious things, sometimes loud: CHECK
21 Years existence & still unknown: CHECK

"Rampantly eclectic but cohesively sequenced, this is a record that holds together strongly as a collection of interconnected set-pieces, featuring moments of both fierce embattlement and calming release.  Most noticeable on preliminary spins are a raucous string of seething but intelligent epics; specifically the allegorical politically-frustrated Fugazi-via-Full House-era-Fairport-Convention channelling of “Horse,” the Last Harbour-meets-Shellac personal despair of “This Is How I Cut My Own Throat” and the sprawling chamber-folk-rock of “Things Are Sticky.”  Digging further in, more intimate and sonically pared-back moments can be found, such as the forlorn relationship anxiety examinations of “Tethered Not Caged,” the almost Shakespearian romance of “We Are In Water” and the macabre metaphorical acid-folk trip of “Magpie.

[T]his is an album for all discerning lovers of imaginative songs straight from the head, the heart and the gut." - Delusions of Adequacy

Available April 25, 2015. Please note: All orders containing this record will not ship before that date.

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