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Joe 4 : "Njegov Sin" Lp

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Side A
Kazalište, Sudnica, Zatvor
Njegov Sin

Side B
Almost A Boy
Marš Na Ilovu

"Joe 4 must be the band with the most Chicago-ish sound in Zagreb, Croatia. This three-piece already proved to be a noise rock powerhouse with their debut 10", "Enola Gay", drawing strong influences from genre staples such as Shellac, Tar, The Jesus Lizard, Janitor Joe and others, while still managing to sound interesting and unique enough to make you want to keep spinning the vinyl on your turntable. This first full-length album by Joe 4 still retains the same rhythmically heavy and at times intricate Chicago-style sound, but with a wider range dynamics all throughout the record and with lots more Joe 4 included in the songs. "Njegov Sin" was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini in November 2011, over the course of three days at the Oxygen Recording Studio, Italy. Everything was done in a completely analog setting and recorded directly to tape. The record was mastered by Bob Weston." - Kaos Kontrol 

"Joe 4 takes their name from the nickname Americans came up with for a Soviet-era test nuclear warhead, and they have an abrasive, pounding rock aesthetic that likely would’ve made them the only Croatian band on the Touch & Go roster back in the 1990’s. The band’s new elpee is called Njegov Sin, and they are blunt and relentless." - Stripwax

"[A] noise-rock monsterpiece." - Geenger Records

Released by Whosbrain Records

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