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Joe 4 : "Enola Gay" 10"

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Joe 4 are a trio from Zagreb, Croatia which began playing at the end of 2008 as a four piece. They continue to work as a cohesive trio.

Joe 4's music owes much to the creative epoch of the 90s underground labeled "American noise rock." Rage, sarcasm, and cynicism are injected into highly structured, yet compact, arrangements and wrapped around noise- and volume-filled songs.

Like their inspirations, Joe 4 lays out rebellious, quarrelsome, and obscene images in their efficient and workman-like assaults.

RIYL: Shellac, Tar, Janitor Joe, The Jesus Lizard.

"[T] hese guys produce some spectacular noise. Overall, the music offers a combination of classically angular noise rock with the melodic presence and energy of a post punk/ hardcore tune. The guitars are dry and metallic (that "aluminum" sound), the bass is gritty, and the vocals are barked with an intensity akin to a thunderstorm. Think Brainbombs doing a Fugazi cover." - History In A Minor Key

"Joe 4 are influenced by bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Fugazi, and newer bands such as Big Business, The United Sons Of Toil, and Harvey Milk. Add to that slight undertones of feedback and possibly sludge and you'll start to see the sound Joe 4 is going for on this EP. Great stuff. Enjoy!" - The Elementary Revolt

Released by Whosbrain Records

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