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Drums & Tuba : "Flatheads & Spoonies" Cd

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"Flatheads and Spoonies" is the third full-length Drums and Tuba record following two releases for T.E.C. Tones ["Box Fetish" and "The Flying Ballerina", both reissued by My Pal God].

This record builds on dense layers of sound and constant tinkering that creates a wide array of concepts and ideas. Complex but not impenetrable, Drums and Tuba use intricate rhythms to create tuneful instrumentals throughout this release. 

"[L]ayered sounds: smooth, soundtrack-style atmospherics, tuba loops and samples...thematic swoops, dense texture and a greater sense of unity..."Philadelphia City Paper

"Whatever it's called, it's fantastic, and really ought to be heard, if only because there's nothing else remotely like it around for miles."The Stranger

01 The Mummy
02 Dr. Small
03 11 O'Clock
04 The Chicken
05 Green Shirt
06 Fortunado
07 Flatheads and Spoonies
08 The Notorious Rumpler


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