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Drums & Tuba : "Box Fetish" Cd

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Part one of Drums and Tuba's "Water Damage Reissue Series." Their first record, now back in print, originally released in 1997 on the T.E.C. Tones label. New art. Readable spines. Tracks 17-19 are new, exclusive bonus tracks. 

"The songs range from serious rock to incongruent meanderings, but even the more erratic songs on Box Fetish are held together by strong threads. Imagine some of Chicago's harsher sounding experimental rock, with the quirky addition of a tuba."CMJ

"Drums and Tuba create music of the highest order." - A&A

01 Does It Suck to Be You?
02 The Inspector
03 Adventures of Poo-Poo and Pee-Pee
04 Carrots
05 Loteria
06 Open Case
07 Kuc to Luc
08 Gimpel the Fool
09 5.24.94
10 In Case
11 Meat
12 The Butcher
13 Tuba Song
14 No Good with Words
15 Close Case
16 Curtains
17 Brief Case
18 Out of Case
19 Pete's Dance


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