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Dis- : "The Historically Troubled Third Album" Lp

Sold out.

The final two copies of the third Dis- record from 1996. More significant wear on these silkscreened covers, because these LPs are now old enough to vote so the price has been reduced. Sell it out!

Dis- broke up suddenly after the release of this album. This was the only Dis- full-length released in Lp format, following two compact discs for Twelve Inch records. 

"The Historically Troubled Third Album" was without a doubt the strongest and most interesting Dis- collection, and it is a shame that things had to end for Dis- right in the middle of a period of time where they were becoming something very unique and compelling.

Side A
I'm Not Sagan
The Day We Danced In Your Swimsuit
Do All The Good Ones Have Muslim Names?
Hamartia, My Ass
Before Her Reformation
You May Get All The Ladies But I Got My Shit Together
Archivist Of Smoke

Side B
Catch Me, I'm A Prick
Suddenly, Everyone's A Smoker
West Allis Book Of The Dead
Another Friend You Fuck
Here's To Evil, Clink
Please Stop Blaming Your Personal Problems On Films
Mother Of Mercy


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