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Alto! : "S/T (2012)" Lp

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01 Piece 1-3
02 Piece 5 (H.F.F.L.)
03 Piece 7 (Excerpt)


ALTO! is a Portland-based band consisting of Kyle Emory (drums, electronics), Steven T. Stone (drums, electronics) and Derek Monypeny (guitar).  

ALTO! is a strongly rhythm-oriented band; dual drummers vary between synched-up pounding and subtly shifiting polyrhythms, while the guitar often functions as another percussion instrument.  ALTO! draws strong inspiration from Congotronics bands such as Konono #1, the psychedelic explorations of later-period Boredoms, and avant-garde rock bands such as Sun City Girls.  Their debut LP brings all of these elements together into a dizzying array of sound. 

“Without wishing to disparage other bands from Portland, you wouldn’t normally associate the city with the kind of breath-taking, inspirational art rock created by ALTO! Their self-titled debut is a whirlwind of rattling drums, droning electronics and middle eastern-tinged, free jazz leaning guitar skronk. The quasi-mechanical hammering of duelling drummers Steven Stone and Kyle Emory recalls the golden era of legendary Cologne krautrockers Can, whilst guitarist Derek Monypeny’s squalling guitar work reads like a noisier, more unhinged take on Sun City Girls’ enigmatic guitar warlock Sir Richard Bishop’s playing.”  -Pocket Jury, 2012



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