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Drums & Tuba : "The Flying Ballerina" Cd

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Part two of Drums and Tuba's "Water Damage Reissue Series." Their second record, now back in print, originally released in 1998 on the T.E.C. Tones label. New art. Readable spines. Tracks 13-15 are new, exclusive bonus tracks.

"Their early tracks, with irreverent titles like "Fists of Spaghetti" have a very manic feel, leaning toward the jazz-pop of Chicago's defunct Coctails....One of the band's most brilliant one-two punches comes halfway through "The Flying Ballerina": reimagining jazz legend Charles Mingus' "Boogie Stop Shuffle" as a thrash/punk burner and turning the pop-punk of the Minutemen's "God Bows to Math" into a grooving near-bop nugget." - Philadelphia City Paper

01 Fists of Spaghetti
02 Kermit
03 A Chummus, a Challah, and a whole lot of Chutzpah
04 The Inspector Returns
05 Lots of Luc
06 Blazevitch
07 The Flying Ballerina
08 Scottie Pippen
09 Boogie Stop Shuffle
10 Neal Hamburger
11 God Bows to Math
12 Pig Ears for Lily
13 Meter Maid
14 Bertone
15 There is a Monster


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