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Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends : "The Enemy Of Everyone" Lp

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Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends is a band formed by Conan Neutron of Replicator, Mount Vicious and Victory and Associates. It also features Tony Ash of Trophy Wives and Coliseum on bass and Dale Crover of The Melvins on drums.

They play rock music.

Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) contributes guest vocals to "Fight Math."

Art by David Yow (Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard).

Gatefold sleeve, opaque blue vinyl (first 200 copies only).

"Coupled with Neutron’s think ’n’ crunchy, tension packed blues-rock riffing, they pack a potent punch on the spirited, Sabbath “Crazy Train” -evoking “Casually Intense,” deleted, drunken “Fight Math.: and T.S.O.:./Jack Grisham-recalling, Throwback Thursday-condemning “All Your Nostalgia is Killing Me."

Like Grisham, Neutron delivers his disturbed lyrics with boozy swagger and dry sarcasm, whether railing about bad music contracts on “The Bargain is Sealed, Child of Man,: deceitful backstabbers on “Hindspite is 20/20’” or unassertive wins on “Passive Ask.” - The Big Takeover

"With the release of The Enemy of Everyone, the move into straight rockin’ is undeniably complete, as it wastes no time greeting listeners with a heavy dose of 70’s inspired arena rock type riffage/harmonzing…while modernizing it some with a slightly noisier/raw edge. The band prove to have the chops for it too, as they dart and slice their way through nine tracks of pretty much unstoppable rock, that works on a similar formula to that of current purveyors of glam/Van Halen appreciation Tilts, and to a much smaller degree, Thee Speaking Canaries. The only real diversion that Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends seem to take is when Mr. Neutron himself hands over vocal duties to Oxbow’s very own nightmare maker Eugene Robinson. It’s actually quite interesting to hear Robinson do his thing alongside a more direct rock song, to which it works out surprisingly well. Overall, I feel like this is the type of album that Conan Neutron has been wanting to make for awhile and it shows, as it sounds like he’s really able to let loose on The Enemy of Everyone - Built on a Weak Spot
...once you add the proper context, what you get is a beefier, crunchier take on AM rock of the early 1970’s. Like Sloan on Steroids, or the Tight Bros from Way Back When on a Scissorfight bender. Yes, Dale is drumming, so, Melvins comparisons are apt, but really, I think Sloan, circa Navy Blues, given a strong dose of Marshall Stack will get you closer. That is to say- super tight power pop songcraft made to be in service of big rawk aspirations. Now, is that essential? In some contexts, yes. It’s spring, right now. The desire to roam, to move fast, to do things, productive and unproductive comes out. This is a great soundtrack to that. Great stuff, there.” -  How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Mass Culture

Side A
Casually Intense
The Bargain Is Sealed, Child Of Man
Hindspite Is 20/20
Palpable Disdain

Side B
Fight Math
Passive Ask
All Your Nostalgia Is Killing Me
Sunk Costs
R.I.P. Anger

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