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Chris Brokaw : "Gambler's Ecstasy" Lp

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Side A
Danny Borracho
Into The Woods
The Appetites

Side B
How To Listen
Richard & Vanessa In The Box

Maybe you know Chris Brokaw thru his work as a founding member of Come or Codeine. Maybe you're more familiar with his role accompanying the likes of Thurston Moore, Evan Dando, Steve Wynn, Rhys Chatham or Christina Rosenvinge. Maybe I've lost you on that stuff and you best know Chris for his skills as a composer for some of your favorite independent films, or perhaps for the tenures in The New Year, The Martha's Vineyard Ferries, Empty House Collective, Consonant...hey, I could go on, but you've got to get back to ordering records.

"Gambler's Ecstasy" - his first song-y full length in six years - stakes a claim for the ex-Bostonian as one of the planet's more colossal talents. That you're gonna agree isn't even a question around here, it's just a matter of how fast.



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