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Bitter, Bitter Weeks : "Revenge" Cd

Though it's not as lo-fi as their debut, Bitter Bitter Weeks' sophomore album is still effectively sparse. 

Many of the songs on the record lament the loss of Philadelphia singer Sara Weaver of the band Swisher, whose appearance on the first album in, "Water in the Basement", was her last recording before dying from Leukemia in June of 2002. Much of the disc was also written in the frustrating time leading up to the War in Iraq.

A demo version of the title track "Revenge" is one of the stand-out songs on volume 5 of Thurston Moore's Protest Records (a web-label dedicated to anti-war music) and it was recognized in the Village Voice as one of the best protest songs to come along in quite some time.

"Revenge" is another album of striking simplicity, showing again McTear's apparent ease with powerfully real songs.

"Bleak and beautiful" - CMJ

01 Revenge
02 Rehersed
03 Kings
04 The River Is Pale And The Water Is Wide
05 Boy Takes On Tornado
06 The End Lights
07 Song For John
08 Ghostride
09 D
10 A Deer In The Headlights
11 The Greatest Extremes


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