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Andrew Cohen & Light Coma : "Unreality" Lp

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“Unreality” describes the condition in which we all find ourselves, sometimes more apparently than at other moments. Unreality is timeless, but in the current Zeitgeist, it seems more timely than ever.

“Unreality” is also the title of the debut album by Andrew Cohen & Light Coma.

Andrew Cohen & Light Coma is the new rock band for Andrew Cohen, guitarist of Silkworm and Bottomless Pit, backed up by Chicago veterans Light Coma. The group is driven by a dual guitar attack, but is not as heavy metal as that description sounds.

The collaboration highlights Cohen’s skills as a songwriter, with his recognizable touch for balladry, pathos, and the poetry of the mundane. Light Coma call to mind Crazy Horse or the Magnolia Electric Company, matching crisp distortion with the sober cadences of a tall old man on his way to the hardware store again. AC/LC’s arrangements afford the players substantial dynamic range. Cohen can whisper and wail with the best of them; Light Coma match him instrumentally with every turn.

This record – released June 2, 2017 on Comedy Minus One - was recorded in several sessions over some period of time. It came together easily, unrushed, but urgently.

Six of the songs are electric. Three are acoustic.

Limited to 500 LPs + digital download.

Andrew Cohen & Light Coma:

Andrew Cohen (Silkworm, Bottomless Pit) – guitar, vocals

Brian Orchard (.22, Bottomless Pit, Light Coma) – guitar, vocals

Ryan Rezvani (The Missouri Compromise, Light Coma) – bass

Jim MacGregor (Light Coma, Small Awesome, Century Rocket Building) – drums, vocals

Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner (Magnolia Electric Company) – lap steel, dobro

This record was recorded by Mr. Matthew Barnhart and Mr. Steve Albini at Electrical Audio and MINBAL in Chicago.

The cover art is a diorama by artist William Schaff (Okkervil River, Songs: Ohia).

Side A
Sugar Puffs
The Usual
Your Biography
Midwest DTs

Side B
City and River
Blue Dragon
Unhinged Melody
Midwest Delirium

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