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Alger Hiss : "Graft vs. Host" Lp

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Remaining copies of the long-lost second album by this NYC noise-rock power trio. Co-released in 1997 by the Knitting Factory-affiliated Feldspar label and the band’s own Tangential imprint, the varied Graft Vs. Host compiles a remixed version of Alger Hiss’ 1994 demo along with the final studio efforts by the original lineup of guitarist Jordan N. Mamone, bassist Chris O’Rourke, and drummer Hajji Majer. No wave-influenced squall meets tricky time signatures with flickers of art-metal riffage, punk-rock velocity, and a few easy-to-digest (if totally scuzzy) hooks that would disappear with subsequent changes in both sound and personnel. Follow-up to the acclaimed debut mini-LP, Settings For Nudes, issued by Ba Da Bing! Records in 1995.

Keith York, writing for Mod magazine, opined: “…This recent release displays much more of Alger Hiss’ post-punk personality. By coaxing the spirits of Mission of Burma and Wire (and fellow-NYC combos like Of Cabbages and Kings, Surgery, and Cop Shoot Cop), Alger Hiss display a fragmented appreciation for guitar damage and pop songs pummeled by dirty rhythm lines, as one would expect from their neighborhood. While their contemporaries have approached more mathematical, bluesy or complete noise as their tour de force, like Sonic Youth, Alger Hiss have an affection for ‘all of the above’ within the dynamic ranges of their instruments... As plaintive vocals ride atop detuned guitars, the song maniacally changes into Big Black stop/start moments. Alger Hiss display their frustrations, lust, greed, hate and lovelorn male personas all over these songs…. Trade in the kids for this one.”

Go on, youngster, invest in a piece of history.

Side A
Cast Stiffs
Amid Calm
Ground Glass

Side B
Point Of Dispersion
25 Hence
Oxidants, Poisons, Corrosives
False Enclosure

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