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Action Beat + G.W. Sok : "A Remarkable Machine" 2x10"

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01 Spoonfeed Hell
02 Judgement Letter
03 Heap Of Clay
04 Dig The Hole
05 Sentence Machine
06 Pork Butcher's Knife
07 Disappearing Man
08 Great Unfinished
09 Citizen K
10 One Another

Action Beat are an improvisational instrumental noise rock act from Bletchley, UK who usually perform with 3-4 drummers and an inordinate about of guitarists. G.W. Sok is the legendary former frontman of Amsterdam's The Ex. In late 2012, Action Beat went into Seizures Palace in Brooklyn, NY with engineer Jason LaFarge (Swans, Akron/Family) and recorded a day's worth of music that they spent the next six months editing down into the segments that would become the 10 tracks on A Remarkable Machine. The songs were then handed off to G.W. Sok who lent his unique vocal delivery and perspective to the record, resulting in one of the most unexpectedly structured creations in the band's eight album catalog.

Brutal and poetic at the same time, A Remarkable Machine also marks the first US release for Action Beat.

"Throughout the album’s ten tracks, the band works a surrealistically assaultive, paint-peeling formula. All the guitars have a ton of icy reverb on them, one of them more watery and menacing, the others typically more jagged, or muted, or percussive, cleverly separated between stereo channels in the style of 60s psychedelia. The changes eschew both major and minor chords, landing uneasily between the two, often with eerie close harmonies rubbing up against each other and shedding off otherworldly sparks.

There are also multiple drummers in the band: the songs typically start out with a single drum track and add more as they go on. The bass is trebly and often gets subsumed in the current of poisonously fluid guitars, or the stampeding drums. And what the hell Sok is talking about is never clear. His snidely articulated, mostly-spoken lyrics rise and then sink into the murky mess behind them – the effect only raises the menace. You have to be in the mood for this, and if you are, it’s transcendent." - New York Music Daily


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