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Silkworm : "Libertine" 2x12"

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01 There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight
02 Grotto Of Miracles
03 Cotton Girl

04 Yen + Janet Forever
05 Oh How We Laughed
06 The Cigarette Lighters

07 Couldn't You Wait?
08 A Tunnel
09 Written On The Wind

10 Wild In My Day
11 Bloody Eyes


12 Insider
13 Grotto Of Miracles (alternate)
14. Couldn't You Wait?*
15. Scruffy Tumor*
16. Cotton Girl*
17. Raised By Tigers*

*Marco Collins Sessions

"Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, and this is the first." - Steve Albini

Comedy Minus One's long-overdue deluxe reissue of Silkworm's out-of-print 1994 album "Libertine" (cmo019), the third and final full-length record by the band as a quartet.

This is a double 12" pressing with a supplementary CD including "The Marco Collins Sessions" as well as two additional recordings from the band's time at Pachyderm Studio.

Includes all-new artwork throughout (the revised cover is pictured at the top of this post) plus a full color insert with liner notes by Silkworm's Tim Midyett.

Mastered from the original 1/2" tapes by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Photographs by Mike Hoffman, Jr.

Layout and design by David Babbitt.

Pressed on 150 gram 45 rpm vinyl.

Please note: This is a PREORDER, with a planned release date later in 2019 – conditional on no issues with test pressings or other parts of the intricate, fragile production chain. By preordering this title you’re helping fund what is easily the most expensive CMO release to date. For that you have our thanks. Your order will ship in advance of the release date, but do not expect your package for several months. Updates will be provided as frequently as possible on our website and social media pages.

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