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Silkworm : "It'll Be Cool" Lp

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It’ll Be Cool was the ninth Silkworm album.

Originally released in 2004 on CD only it is now available on LP for the first time. Includes a digital download coupon. White vinyl.

Side A
Don't Look Back
Xian Undertaker

Side B
Penalty Box
Something Hyper
Shitty Little Yacht
The Operative

The performers:

Andy Cohen - Various stringed instruments with frets.
Michael Dahlquist - Drums and cymbals. Occasional guitar.
Tim Midyett - Bass and other guitars.
Matt Kadane - Piano as well as other keyboard-based devices

“Silkworm’s songs are full of holes, but... wide-open spaces can inspire some crazy-ass dreams. Welcome to the new weird America.” - SPIN

“(O)ne of the underground’s strongest songwriting forces... Devoid of status-quo gimmickry and fanfare, Silkworm deserve to have their greatness acknowledged now.” - Alternative Press

“...Silkworm have moved above and below the cultural radar... The band’s signature sound, laced with an experimental approach to the formal elements of rock, has made them equally loved and ignored, depending on various fashions. Thankfully, however, Silkworm has never bothered to respond to fashion...” - Dusted


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