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Fake Limbs : "The Power of Patrician Upbringing" Lp

Sold out.

Side A
Green Chartreuse
Dr. Detroit

Side B
Nosebleed at the Oxbow
MC Lyte
Kill the Mouth

The product of a sympathetic nervous system askew, Fake Limbs is simultaneous fight and flight; hysteria with teeth. This dumb, lumbering beast with four backs just wants to graze and screw but when forced into a corner, it transforms ferociously. They’re part Harry and the Hendersons and part Smokey and the Bandit II (the one where all the cops get destroyed). Concussive, unrelenting percussion supports wild, desperate guitars and unhinged vocalization. They transcend both the flailing childish entitlement of the aggro and the apologetic whining of the meek. The result is uncomfortable, loud, and sexually confusing.

"This one has been my premiere commuting selection during the brutal winter of 2014, a band playing the “noise rock” and doing it so well that it leaves you to wonder why others are still trying to brand their nihilism and shoulder shrugs in their shadow…Fake Limbs turn that negativity on those who deserve it most, a blistering hex on all that exists to undermine us in the name of superiority. That trait is earned, not inherited, not by gender or upbringing, but by action." - Dusted

Limited to 300 copies.



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